Major sports victories are known to trigger baby booms, and the adrenaline rush of seeing your team win big is clutch timing for post-game romance. For this year’s Big Game, is thinking ahead with a deal that lets you do you and your significant other.

On February 3, is giving away free hotel rooms to 53 very excited fans to help them celebrate the winning team’s victory with the best play of the season—making a Big Game baby.

For fans who get hot from the thrill of an epic touchdown, the emotional roller coaster of the game, or the mere sight of their partner’s tight end— will help them celebrate with a deal to seal THE deal.

Katie Junod, general manager of the brand in North America said, “This is our way of getting in on the game-day action. Whether fans grow their own team with a Big Game baby or just want to celebrate their team’s victory, is here to help.”

Ready to make a Big Game baby? Fans of the winning team can visit at the end of the Big Game on February 3 and will have 24 hours to enter for a chance to win a one-night hotel stay, redeemable for your celebratory romp.* The 53 fans will be chosen at random for the winning rooms. Winners can then book a night at the hotel of their choice on and try for a Big Game baby ASAP**.

If you’re looking to score anywhere else on Big Game day, also created a “Big Game Babymaking” Spotify playlist filled with sultry jams to help you go … all … the … way***.

For full sweepstakes details, visit and stay tuned for your chance to enter after the Big Game. Check out on Twitter to follow and share your #BigGameBabies excitement … keep it PG-13, please!

*Winners will receive a $250 gift card to book a room at a hotel property of their choice on We encourage winners to book immediately while their BGE (Big Game Energy) is still hot. Gift card terms and conditions apply.

**Despite our marketing team’s best efforts, winners will not be required to disclose if any babies were conceived as a result of the Big Game Babies contest; however, it would be awesome if they did. 

***If you don’t want to make a Big Game baby and just want to get your celebration on, that’s cool too.

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